Rich Jodi wants a humble guy for intimate relationship

My Name is Jodi, am renowned sculptor, I am 42 years old. I reside in Durban, South Africa.

Actually I need someone that I can really call a partner that will always be by my side. After several heartbreak, i guess I’m going to pick  again and its going to be the last.
I need a guy that can make me happy and also teach me how it feels to be a woman. There’s money to enjoy. Pick my contact from the Admin.

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4 thoughts on “Rich Jodi wants a humble guy for intimate relationship

  1. Hawa you madam .I really understand your situation. An its hurt such a beautiful women like you to be lonely .I’m saying I’m the right guy for you. The choice is yours .come to me .I’m waiting for you. Email 0735585527

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